Lead generation & CRM

We provide digital lead generation strategies with a higher conversion rate than our competitors. Customer Relationship Management strategies continue the dialogue to find, harvest and deliver loyal customers with the best brand experience.

Analysis & Strategy

Our team of experts is skilled with a variety of statistical analyses, measurable surveys and engagement methods  to ensure you are maximizing your marketing, sales, KPIs, and social media ROI.

Our projects lead to discovery = marketing lift for you

CRisis Management

Does your organization have a clear and approved plan on how to respond to public relations emergencies with the strategic use of social media and digital press releases?  If not, call us to help you be prepared for an event you hope will never happen, but you'll be ready if it does. 

      Rocky Peak Enterprises LLC

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Social media marketing

A pioneer in social media since 2001, Rocky Peak Enterprises, LLC owns social media for its clients. We cut out the chatter and only implement campaigns that make sense. You don't need to be on every social media channel, but we'll make sure you are on the  ones that make sense for your brand.

marketing and communication Review

You may have the best marketing plan in a document, but if you do not communicate it effectively internally and externally, it will only be good for wrapping fish. We help convey your strategic plans to all who need to know within or outside your walls.

Technology review

Often, we are asked,  "How can we use social media for our company?". Then, we discover the website is not mobile friendly, or the wrong people are managing social media.   These are opportunities to modernize technology and put the right talent in place.