December 12, 2017

Dear Amazon,

I want to buy a new family for Christmas. Is it available on Prime?  Upon searching  “a new family” on your site,  I could not find the product I want.   I wish to keep certain family members who are sane and swap out those who are not with new and better ones who fit perfectly.  Think adjustable like Legos.   My product requirements:

-Good hygiene. Nose hairs unacceptable 
-In good working order
-Sane, rational, friendly, intelligent, calm, good sense of humor, and financially independent
-Low noise
-Low maintenance

Additional questions:

Will you guarantee arrival by the 24th?
Can you drop it at the door or do I need to sign for it?
Can I get some ratings on the families?
What’s your guarantee?
What’s your return policy for damaged goods?
Can I see similar families that others have bought?

I look forward to your reply. 

Merry Christmas…to be determined.


      Rocky Peak Enterprises LLC

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